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After landing from Munich, I rushed home to repack and head back to the airport for the flight to Taipei. 

My recent flights to Taipei had been nothing but a series of adventures and exposures to new experiences. I’m honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with Xiao Ke. She was charismatic, funny, patient and extremely accommodating and she somehow made me feel less nervous in front of the camera. 

I also met the founder of JS, the line of facial products I’ve been using for awhile now, and I have JS to thank for for my current glowing complexion and compliments I’ve gotten. I got insightful information about her  life story and how the products came about and I am honoured to be using her products.

The day before I left Taipei, I did an interview by Talk Taiwan sharing my travel essentials and even managed to hit the night market before it was too late! 

I’m thankful for all the amazing beautiful people I’ve met and worked with during this short and fruitful trip. Taipei has always been one of my favourite cities and I look forward to coming back soon!

從慕尼黑回來後, 我趕緊回家整理行李, 再奔往機場飛往臺北。

我最近飛往臺北的旅程是一連串的冒險和新的體驗。我很榮幸能有機會和小可一起工作。她很有魅力, 風趣, 耐心, 而且極具包容性, 一起在鏡頭前時因為有她, 讓我感覺不那麼緊張。

這次, 我也遇到了 JS的創始人, 這是我已用了一段時間的臉部保養產品的品牌,   感謝JS 讓我擁有目前的光亮肌膚和獲得各方的讚美。我也得知了關於JS 創辦人JOY 她的生活故事和產品的創造歷程資訊, 我感到很榮幸能使用她的產品並能夠認識她。

在我離開臺北的前一天, 我在TALK滔客做了一個訪談, 分享了我的旅行必需品, 還去了台灣的夜市! 感謝我在這次短暫而富有成效的旅程中所遇到和共事的人! 她們都是美好又美麗的人。臺北一直是我最喜歡的城市之一, 我期待著很快再回來!