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如果你有像我這樣敏感的皮膚,刮鬍渣會是一個噩夢。我靠我的Phillip Shaver Series 5000 進行俐落乾淨和的剃鬍。它具有多種精確的刀片功能,不會傷到皮膚,無刺激,同時提供最好的舒適度。這支剃須刀,可以實際上照顧我的皮膚。

If you have sensitive skin like me, shaving may be a nightmare. I depend on my Phillip Shaver Series 5000 for a clean and close shave. With it's multiprecision blade system, it leaves me with no cuts, no irritation but maximum comfort. A shaver that actually takes care of my skin.